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The Single Mom Life: I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...

Unfortunately, this is reality for over 9,000,000 women in the U.S. Before you get your panties in a bunch over the topic of this blog please understand that I am in no way implying that it can't be done alone. I am simply stating that it is one of the hardest things to do alone and the hardships that come with not having a partner to help is the worst if you aren’t prepared or do not have a plan. I don't think any single mom would disagree that an extra set of hands and income wouldn't be helpful. However, regardless of the previous statements we Get The Job Done!

I refuse to sugar coat this subject because we all have faced some of the same issues, but the real question is what are you doing to better your situation? Are you complaining and constantly making excuses or are you taking life by the horns and conquering your goals and dreams? Majority of the single moms I come across are working to better themselves. We have goals and dreams, but at the same time it is our job to take care of our beautiful children day in and day out. We are juggling school, work, being a mom and more! Most of us tend to do this with grace in front of others without missing a beat. However, behind closed doors we are worn out, needing support, someone to talk to, and most of all HELP piecing together all the moving parts to our lives so that we are productive! Receiving a break is almost unheard of and when we do all we can think about are our kids. Where is the balance in a single mom’s life? Sometimes I feel its nonexistent, but I was determined to find an an organization that catered to single moms and providing solutions to the every day struggles we face.

In my opinion there were not enough organizations working to elevate and sustain single mothers when they run into hardships. After quite a bit of research I stumbled upon the Single Mom Network and it fit the description of exactly what I was looking for. They have not fully launched, but basically this could be the answer to a lot of single mother's prayers. Finally, an organization that is catering to single moms created by a single mom. No matter what your situation is this organization basically will serve to bridge the gap for any obstacles you may run into while providing the support needed each step of the way to get your life back on track. It appears that they are looking to help single moms who are committed to working hard to reach their goals and enhance their lives for their children. The Single Mom Network is here, and I am all for it! Check out some of their programs online at You won't be disappointed. To all the single moms out there keep wearing that Super Woman (Mom) cape and keep your head up!

"The hardest part about being a single mom is knowing that no matter what obstacles you may face giving up is not an option because you aren't the only one that will be affected! " - Founder of SMN Taujuanna

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